We Are
The Resistance
The Resistance Unite
Dr Maya Angelou

"Defy the tyrants.  Don't be silent!  Stand up speak out.  Fight Back!  They don't know what they started.  Confrontation!!"--Otep Shamaya

In the beginning I was asked what the big deal was and that we lost and needed to get over it.  This was my basic response to that person and the many others that were saying the same thing because this was no regular election loss I am accustomed to.  Our democracy was violated and we ended up with a regime.

We resist because we are not losing years of progress or the fighting put forth for civil rights of women, racial equality and the LGBT community.

Our country is filled with hate and discrimination, the alt-right, white nationalists, Christian extremists --All that Trump represents.

This is America and we will not go quietly into the darkness and hide from the bigotry that now surrounds us.  We will unite.  We will resist.  We will fight.  We will win.


We Must Have a 

United Front

Against Trump

How You Can Help

The Resistance Unite


The Resistance Movement


in Solidarity

This website will be in constant progress as long as Trump or his cabinet remains a threat to humanity as well as the White Nationalism he has given a voice to and the hate and Christian Extremism that goes along with his regime.

The Resistance Unite needs you to help with the Resistance movement.  I am dedicated to unity and solidarity of all those anti Donald Trump. Contact me via email under the contact tab and send me your information regarding anything that I can post that will help The Resistance.  This means boycotts, Trump protests, marches, lyrical Resistance suggestions, petitions, activists' websites or anything that will help us unify under this umbrella of Resistance as much information and direction as possible all on one website and win the fight.