My name is Kalena.  My background is in nursing.  I believe healthcare is a human right not a privilege.  During Trump's campaign I wrote a petition utilizing my psychiatric nursing experience, specialized training in psychology including abnormal psychology and knowledge and observations of Trump to point out he was in need of a psychological evaluation.  In order to receive this he would have needed to be involuntarily committed.  I researched New York State Law and found a way that this would be possible and made this in the petition as well and petitioned those government officials of New York.  I have not given up on this even though he is President now.  There are amendments to the Constitution that can make this possible and have had some input from you on how to make it happen and I thank you.  Please keep sending information regarding this.

I believe strongly in The Resistance & all this umbrella encompasses & are dedicated to seeing Trump & his entire illegitimate team removed from the White House.  I will fight injustice as I have with the KKK.  If you don't believe the KKK is still a relevant hate group, you're not from the south or you're unaware of the rise or the coming out of the closet of the white supremacy, white nationalism, far-right, alt-right movement.  It is a global problem as well as in our own backyards and our own White House.

Sexual abuse and rape culture is another huge problem.  There are groups working towards tougher sentencing and stronger laws to protect children from predators and students' on campuses and women in general.  The latest speaking out by Milo on pedophilia was a normalization we do not need anymore than we need this normalization of white supremacy and Christian Extremism.

I will not give up I need your help to make this unity possible.  The Women's March & protesting we are seeing day to day fighting unconstitutional executive orders gives me hope that many of you are willing to see the big picture in front of you.  You see, I'm a Berner & followed his lead to be stronger together to fight Trump in solidarity during the election.  It was my goal to unite us then and it my goal to unite us now.

No matter who you are, who you did or didn't vote for or who you dislike, there is one thing all of us have in common under this umbrella of Resistance--We do not like Trump.  Now more than ever ALL of us have to get that squared away in our minds & realize we are up against something greater than any one of us. If we join together, all of us against Trump, in unity & solidarity we will prevail.  If we remain divided we fail.  This cannot be an option for our country.  

We cannot play any blame games because what we face is no game. We share more commonality with a Stein voter than an alt-right white supremacist Nazi. We even share more in common with a regretful Trump voter than one of those people. They are under this umbrella of Resistance as well as anyone else & we should all welcome them. Unite as one against our common enemy & defeat him. Join us in this fight.  Help us all become something greater than any one person because in solidarity against a tyrant like Trump, he will be the one to fall and we will succeed.

We are intelligent, open-minded, many freethinking and willing to fight for what we believe in. This is a nightmare for Trump as much as he has become a nightmare for us. Let's cooperate, put our minds together, our information together and our numbers and we will win.

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