Recently I have been made aware my friend, if that's what you want to call her, Hepzibah, is not a friend at all.  She has been using people, lying to people and playing them for a very long time.  I cannot be associated with this nor anything that she is saying about Donald Trump or the Rothschild family.  I am aware the Russians interfered with our election.  I am in this reality.  I have far too much empathy and compassion and have felt at times this is one of my weaknesses and it has proven to be a weakness this time with Hepzi.  I am going to include an article by Rachel Azzara whom I've attacked in the past to defend Hepzi with my heart.  I was revictimized by her and I have learned I am not alone by far.  It hurts, but I am becoming angry.  The word needs to be spread and needs to be known not to trust this person or what she says.  Don't become one of her victims.  She's really  good at what she does by playing on your emotions and me being a nurse she really liked my compassion, let me tell you not to mention the fact I am a survivor.  Please educate yourself unlike I did not at first and read this article with an open mind and whatever you do, if you are associated with her, don't let yourself feel like a fool.  You're not alone.​

The article is called:

“Cait-fishing” In The Resistance – An Exposé

​A Wolf in Sheep​'s Clothing​