If you're new to Otep, you may just be realizing she has been singing about injustice for years now.  I'd like to share just a few of those songs with you and a couple new ones that I find relevant to The Resistance now.

I happened to catch her on cable with her Warhead video years ago.  I was amazed at her range in her voice and what she was singing about and was immediately drawn in.  It was soon I found I had so much more to listen to from Otep.  She's a survivor like me and a poet like me and she writes and sings about it too.  I was a Tribe Member in no time.  I've seen her live a number of times and it's always a wonderful experience. 

There is so much more to Otep and her music than what I'm going to show you here so please do check her out and see what she has to offer you.

To have her now, my friends, in the middle of this Resistance against Trump is a gift.  She's always been a fighter and she's fighting now with us in The Resistance as a leader out there protesting with the rest of us and doing so much as much as she can.  Just listen to her lyrics, the power in her voice and know she means what she says.  She is a strong ally and I'm proud to introduce you to her if you don't know her yet.

Prophets of Rage

I first met Bill Madden on Social Media and found that he had the same values I had politically.  I then learned he was an activist and a songwriter and a singer.  I began listening to his music and the messages he sends with it.  I think his music is beautiful and his videos are touching and we need all of it right now.  I look forward to hearing more from Bill Madden.  Here are just a couple of his videos.  He, like the other artists on this page, are located on the Resistance Websites & People tab for more information and links.

New Religion

This song is about the all mighty dollar.  It reminds me of our White House full of oligarchy and white supremacy.  It tells the truth that's for sure.  They worship money before they worship any God regardless of what they preach.


This is on the album The Ascension released in 2007.  Once again it couldn't be more relevant if it were written today.  It always gets me pumped up.

Bill Madden

A Tribe Called Quest

Prophets of Rage is a band formed from members of Rage Against the Machine, Cypress Hill and Public Enemy in response to Donald Trump and what his regime is doing to people and to America.  The artists that make up the band are:  Chuck D, Tom Morello, Tim Commerford, Brad Wilk, B-Real and DJ Lord.  Their anthem is #MakeAmericaRageAgain.  They even have the red caps.  Their sound can be very similar to Rage Against the Machine.  You can't miss that unique sound of Tom Morello, who has always been an activist as long as I've known him, on the guitar.​​  ​Another sound that is unmistakable is B-Real of Cypress Hill's voice.  Not to mention Chuck D of Public Enemy.  They all sound amazing together and I absolutely love this project.  They are playing new music and some old music I will showcase here.  The one older one I will showcase is Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name," because you know that some in the White House right now are the same that burn crosses.  Down with White Nationalism.  Something has to change soon.  The "Prophets of Rage" self titled song is a great video that shows the people and is all inclusive and it's wonderfully put together.

Lord's of War

This is off her latest album Generation Doom.  My favorite line is "I'd rather be a wolf than a sheep; I'd rather be in battle than slaughtered like cattle"  Just screams RESIST!


I first heard A Tribe Called Quest in my high school years in the 90's and loved them.  I was already a fan of De La Soul and their sound was like that, an alternative type of rap.  Much of their music has always carried a message of the times and now is no different.  I couldn't think of a better time for them to put out a new album:  We Got it From Here...Thank You for Your Service.  The band members are Q-Tip, Jarobi White, Phife Dawg and Ali Shaheed Muhammad. 

I've loved watching them perform the following songs live I'm going to share with you here.  They have amazing messages that The Resistance can definitely relate to right now.  "We the People" speaks to me about the White Nationalism taking over this country leaving all women, the poor, the non-white, the non-Christian and LGBT out of the new regime.  I've also included the live Grammy performance from this year which includes Busta Rhymes.  It was the best performance of the Grammys.  #AgentOrange. 

I look forward to more from A Tribe Called Quest and more performances from them.  I can't get enough!





This video is a bold statement about global warming and the damage we are doing to our planet every day.  It is only getting worse and with the current administration basically dismissing the EPA it isn't going to help things at all.  It is going to hurt the Earth even more and us.



Equal RIghts Equal Lefts

I absolutely love this song.  It's off of Generation Doom.  It's all about equality.  I put it on blast every time my intolerant Trump Cult neighbor complains about my music being too loud.  Being the B in LGBT I appreciate the hell out of these lyrics coming from a woman and would love to shock and awe ALL intolerant men or women with this song. This video was made by another loyal Tribe Member.  Beautiful video and tribute to Orlando.

Rise, Rebel, Resist

This is off her album Smash the Control Machine--2009.  It's a very hurt and angry song about the state we were in at the time in our communities.  We came so far under Obama in 8 years especially in LGBT community which she fights so hard for.  Now Donald is trying to turn that all around.  This song couldn't be more relevant if it were written today.