I held out on doing my update because I thought for sure Kushner or Trump would face at least questioning or some sort of interrogation.  How ignorant of me to believe that our government would take their heads out of their asses and do their jobs even in the face of obvious evidence over and over.  Some are attempting to play it off like, “Oh yeah, any line of communication with any country good or bad is good to have.”  The only Republican I have heard speak sense as usual is John McCain.  I think he comes without a bullshit meter.  He stated, “There was no need for him to open any lines of communication with any leaders during his campaign as he was not in any position of authority.”  Minus the fact it would be shady as hell even if he was already President because it is a secret line of communication with Vladimir Putin.  But once again, all we get is words.  Not just from McCain.  We hear words from Democrats as well.  STAND UP and FIGHT BACK.  STOP acting like you're not sure there was collusion or obstruction of justice because you KNOW BOTH happened and possibly even more.  It's like saying marijuana is REEFER MADNESS.  It's chosen ignorance except we aren't talking about weed we are talking about our AMERICAN DEMOCRACY!!! 

So, Trump showed his ass at the NATO summit.  Would we expect any less?  Our relationship with the UK is strained and now Germany has spoken out against their lack of trust for us.

Meanwhile Trump grumbles on and on about the “fake news,” Lithuania is being attacked by Russia and their “fake news.”  We ourselves as Americans are not new to Russian fake news.  We saw plenty of it prior to the election.  Russia denies Lithuania’s claims even though they do have proof.  Russia asks them boldly, “Where’s the proof?”  As in the case with us it doesn’t seem to matter that we have proof. 

Russia is a menace to the world and still even after everything it appears our GOP is going to stand by their man.  I hope they realize the GOP is dead after this.  I don’t even think they should be allowed to call themselves Republicans if they support Trump.  Trumpkins fits well.

So here we are American Resistance.  We must continue with the constant pressure and never let up.  Never give up.  Let’s make sure the March for Truth regarding honesty about Trump and Russia breaks records on June 3rd.  We demand to no longer be left in the dark.  We demand to know who our real President really and truly is because it is not Donald Trump.


Well, color me human and devoid of amusement of shiny gold objects.  I agree with others such as Schumer, Sanders and Pelosi that this budget Trump has released does some things I have previously mentioned in my updates.  It takes food out of poor people’s mouths and healthcare away from the poor as well.  Now we are including the sick and disabled and these people include the young, middle-aged and elderly as well as veterans.  I know of four people having their disability reviewed.  The reviews are so in depth some must have others complete them for them.  These people range from a child who was hit by a train and lost his leg to my husband’s father who has been deceased since last November from colon cancer.  One is a nurse who has a rare genetic disease that has caused a nondiabetic proliferative retinopathy along with an excruciating musculoskeletal disease with numerous diagnoses she is far too young to have along with surgeries due to this and will be undergoing genetic testing at one of top hospitals in the country.  She shall remain nameless.  But I knew when I saw these disability reviews suddenly popping up at the same time, Trump had to be behind it and, of course, he is behind it.  He is looking to cut as many off social security as he can to pay for the top 1% richest people in the USA to have their money for whatever the hell they do with it because they sure as hell don’t help the poor.  So yes, I do feel that maybe we should add to our Constitution that people no matter how poor they are deserve the freedom and right to food and water as well as healthcare at this point.  We should be taking care of each other—Not padding the Swiss bank accounts of the richest people in the United States.

Of course, Trump said he wouldn’t cut these programs.  If he did his supporters wouldn’t have voted for him.  Every word spewed from his mouth is a lie.  Yet, there is a cult following of Trump that is “Ride or Die.”  I’ve got news for you, Trump Cult, it's going to be “die,” because apparently, it took Brennan to open some GOP eyes to the Trump Russia collusion investigation.  For the love of God, we all have known this pretty much since November 9th, but whatever it takes to get the GOP’s heads out of the sand, I’m all for it. 

This entire time it has seemed beyond a handful of Senators and Representatives, outspoken activists and groups, The Resistance are the only ones with backbones enough to take a stand and say, “NO!”  The March for Truth is coming up on June 3rd.  It is all about demanding the truth about Trump and Russia.  Let’s get out there and show this regime we mean business and we demand honesty and we will no longer stand for an illegitimate President!

I’m not going to talk about Trump’s little religion tour other than I would really like to know what Pope Francis said to him and why the hell is he dealing weapons with Saudi Arabia?  This has all basically just been a distraction from the Trump Russia collusion scandal so yeah.  Didn’t work, Donald and I’m sick of this reality show.  This is the USA not NBC.​

I would like to say something about Manchester, England.  It was a tragedy to see humans with so much hate in their hearts they didn't care if they murdered children.  My heart aches for the families and the lives lost.  It is as if there is too much hate in this world let alone in our own country.  People must learn what humanity truly is all about and learn to love.  It needs to happen here at home and it must happen worldwide.  I feel God watching us.  We are all watching what is happening.  You can't fight terror with more terror.  Christian Extremists with so much hate for people and don't even realize they being extreme because they aren't blowing up abortion clincs or murdering gay people or Muslims or Jewish people and Islamic Extremists who want to bring about Armageddon.  I just don't know anymore.


What a week so far!  It is as if Trump has started his very own reality show and is using the Presidency to do it.  Not cool.  I will begin with what we heard Comey say first.  He said he felt “nauseous” if he had any effect on the outcome of the election.  That sounds as though he isn’t much of fan of what is going on with the Trump regime.  Now as you all know I am an advocate of the fact we can’t look back and change what has happened.  We can only look forward and change what happens next because it appears we are not getting any re-vote or do-over even though Russia interfered with our election process and we have an illegitimate President.  I never thought I’d see this happen in our country, but I must digress or I will never stop typing on the topic.  Then we know Comey had a nice intimate dinner with Trump where Donald asked Comey to just nonchalantly, well, I don’t think Trump knows the meaning of nonchalant…  He told Comey to drop the Russia investigation on Flynn and don’t investigate himself at all.  Now we have the Comey memo with this information.  After this, Comey was fired on television before he was fired in a not so professional manner by letter.  OK not professional at all it was firing by television.  Some say he deserved it.  Some say they didn’t want Comey investigating Russian ties to begin with, but who the hell is Trump going to put in Comey’s position now?  Trump, once again paranoid of secret recordings, tweets unhinged as usual, that ”Comey had better not have any “tapes” of their private conversations.”  I haven’t seen this much paranoia in a human being since I was a psychiatric nurse and dealt with paranoid schizophrenics.  Well, it’s obvious he is hiding his collusion with Russia and he’s doing it so badly!  The day of the Comey firing the illegitimate President has a Russian Ambassador in the White House and gives him top secret US intelligence code words!  Now our allies that didn’t trust America now definitely don’t trust America.  Senator Lindsey Graham of SC, one of our few outspoken GOP leaders, has called for Comey to speak before the Senate about what he knows.  Redeem yourself, Comey!  Give us the truth about Trump’s Russian ties!


This all on Trump’s upcoming trips to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Rome, etc.  These countries were informed to keep their speeches short due to our President’s “short attention span.”  Add ADHD to the extensive list of mental illnesses I believe he suffers with untreated.  I hope Pope Francis has something to say to Trump, but Donald isn’t afraid to offend anyone.  He’s done it once already with the Pope.  So, this should be interesting if he does make the trips.


If it were up to me and it’s not, I’d just impeach the entire cabinet, start over and have a run-off between Hillary and Bernie.  The GOP has lost all credibility during this Trump disaster.  The left is barely hanging on, but the GOP can kiss my ass for allowing Donald Trump to continue to run this country under false pretenses.  EVERYBODY knows PUTIN PUT HIM THERE.  The Republican Party is dead and it was the DNC that really messed themselves up, but at least they are trying to correct their mistakes internally including attempting to grow a backbone, while the GOP just sits there and eats the shit that Trump keeps shoveling.  Nope not me.  They wanted to impeach Bill Clinton for adultery in the oval office and we have a pussy grabbing, reality tv, liar, justice obstructing, mentally ill illegitimate President put in power by a Russian Czar.  Yeah, those two don’t quite equal out.  Hypocrites.


So much has happened since my last update…

Trump thinks he is going to “force China” to stop North Korea.  He also expresses admiration of Kim Jong-un and would like to meet with him under “the right circumstances.”  However, within the last 24 hours Kim Jong-un accuses South Korea and the United States CIA of trying to assassinate him with chemical weapons.  So, I suppose we will see what comes of this if anything.


Trump signed a disturbing executive order giving churches more political power. I feared the original draft would be coming that discriminates against the LGBT community as well as single mothers, but threats of lawsuits left those parts out.  I wonder if it will stay this way or if there will be a further progression of a lack of separation of church and state.


It appears that Obamacare is on its way out the door and Trumpcare is the new thing.  Everything I have read about it sounds just terrible.  One thing I can’t get out of my head is an example of pre-existing condition care is that if you have cancer you can get cough syrup.  What?  How about chemotherapy?  I am thoroughly confused as I believe all but 20 of the Republicans that voted for it are.  I am happy that none of the Democrats voted for it.  If things stay as they are something like 24 million Americans are said to lose their health coverage in so many years.  That’s a lot of people.  It breaks my heart as a nurse and a human being because I know what it is like to be sick and uninsured and need help.  He is even cutting Medicaid which is difficult enough for people to qualify for as it is now in most states as though he wants to do away with it all together.  Please do research Trumpcare especially if you are sick, someone in your family is sick or planning a family or pregnant.


Let’s talk about how much money Trump is spending on all the travel he is doing.  Here’s a fact:  He spent as much money in travel $11.3 million in one month as Obama $12 million in one year.  This doesn’t include all the money spent on security for his New York hotel for Melania and their son or his security.  Just today the Huffington Post released Trump is leasing a room in his New York Hotel to house the nuclear codes “football.”  I’m going to add the link because I know how insane this sounds.  
​http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-tower-nuclear-football_us_590dc259e4b0d5d9049cd3d2  This you must read and no it’s not “fake news.”  I would like to add he has spent over $600 billion in military spending.  I believe that’s a record for our country.  Just saying.


Is Flynn the fall guy or what?  Everyone in this regime has had contact with Russia.  Apparently, he took money.  Some of them probably did too and some took some golden showers as well, but who is keeping up with all this?  We are, that’s who.  We have not forgotten Putin interfered with our election and got Trump his current position.  There is plenty more to be uncovered.  What is dark will come to light.  You can count on that.


Trump is cutting the White House Office of Drug Control Policy by 95%.  That’s just about like shutting them down in a time of record high drug abuse of drugs especially like heroine.  I see it in my own town.  I think we all do.  Some hits closer to home than others.  He cuts funding all together to several grant programs such as Drug-Free Communities Support Program.  It does appear he wants to do away completely with this all together.


Trump has extended an invitation to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte who promotes the killing of people in the streets if you believe they are dealing or using drugs and he, himself admits to murdering people.  Duterte turned down the invitation, but for Trump to even invite the authoritarian dictator here is outrageous.  With all his talk of “illegal immigrants being rapists and murderers” not welcome in our country, it’s quite a contradiction.


Donald Trump is “frustrated with our legislative system.”  I believe he would be much more comfortable with a totalitarian system where he can be an authoritarian and call all the shots, no questions asked and not have to answer to anyone.  Well, sorry not sorry, this is the United States of America.  We are a democracy here and We the People deserve the last word.  Trump may have the mentality of a dictator, but he cannot be one in this country.


Many years ago Adolf Hitler asked many of his adoring people to build him an army and they did.  We all see what happened.  We can all see clearly what is happening right now with Donald Trump.  He is using US armed forces like a game of chess that he will not win.  I am going to include a link in this update that you all must read.  It includes Russia declaring that the USA is more of a threat to the world than North Korea and China siding with them.  What we are seeing is the beginning of what could very well be World War III.  The word of choice to describe this Presidency has been “unprecedented.”  Everything that has happened and everything that is happening has NEVER happened before in my lifetime with any President.  The fact he is illegitimate has gone to the wayside as he has put the entire world in harm’s way.  We all knew that this would happen in one way or another.  We tried to warn family and friends and others of his mental health and temperament and not to vote for him.  We now even listen to our family members in regret of ever voting for him and now in fear.  But many of them voted because they wanted more protection.  Ironic.  He has put us in danger.  Dropping the Mother of All Bombs was unprecedented and I can agree we need to stop ISIS, but this didn’t scare these extremists.  This pissed them off.  The bomb killed 36 of them.  They will blow themselves up in any way form or fashion to retaliate and die trying to win their holy war to bring about the apocalypse.  Oh, and by the way, Russia has an even larger bomb called the Father of All Bombs.  Comforting right?  Right now the United States of America look like war mongers and are being painted with that brush.  We don’t look powerful or like someone you shouldn’t mess with.  We look like a country that needs to be stopped.  According to Russia and China as well as North Korea, that’s what they intend to do.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve never been so nervous about a North Korean missile test.  Please read this link.  It gives the downlow hour to hour on what is happening and where we are now with Donald Trump’s show of power that affects us all. 



Neil Gorsuch confirmed as SCOTUS.  Was there any ever any doubt?  Change the senate rules, one way or another, he was going to be confirmed.  Democrats have lost all control.  Not to mention, I’m pretty sure two or three voted for him.


It seems it was going to take Rex Tillerson an entire week to meet with Putin, but that does not matter anyway, because Putin does not want to meet with him.  Now there is talk in the media about the possibility of Putin having knowledge prior to the nerve gas attacks by Assad.  Should this be true, Spicer says Trump can take “diplomatic options.”  Like the ones against Assad?  War has been ongoing in Syria for years.  Are we stepping in?  It sure looks like it.  Of course, he warned Putin prior to his show of power to get his soldiers out of harm’s way.  I feel like there is so much we do not know and so much that we are NOT being told.


What we have are three dictators.  One dictator, Putin who seems hellbent on ruling the world and has become the Puppet Master of many and protector of Assad.  We have Assad who is another version of Saddam Hussein who thinks it is ok to murder innocent children.  Then, of course, we have our very own authoritarian Donald Trump who at the drop of a hat will ignore every rule in the book, every word from anyone with any sense and launch missiles and attempt to begin World War III.  Not to mention his numerous executive orders denying rights of Muslims, transgender people, immigrants, etc.  I also saw recently something as simple as food stamps where he wants to control what poor people use them for to eat.  No soda or chips, things like that.  I don’t think it is in the Constitution that people have the right to eat what they want to eat food wise, but maybe we need to add it in there.  


It's coming up on his so-called “first 100 days.”  I don’t know about you, but I can say I don’t think it has gone very well.  Oh, and if anyone ever needs to know where to find him, just check out his Florida home at the golf course.  He’s sure to be there, no matter how many lives he’s ruining at the time.  What a joke.  It would be funny if it all was not so tragic.


Never forget our election and never forget Russia no matter how much they throw in our faces.



Some would say the Horseman of War has propped up the Horseman of Death.  That the birds with the men in them are flying in the skies over Syria and there are fiery stars falling from the sky.

We await Putin’s official response to what has happened in Syria.  We know he has been there not fighting ISIS because of what they are, but because of the fact he is protecting Assad.  Now Assad has pulled a Saddam and nerve gassed his own people.  Children, women, men.  Will Rex Tillerson have any luck in Russia?  Is there even time? 

I’ve been through wars since the Gulf War in my lifetime.  Cuban Missile Crisis when I was too young to remember.  My grandfathers WWII veterans, my father a Vietnam veteran.  I can recall all the wars I’ve been through and what is happening right now, at this very moment frightens me the most.  I can only think that if it were Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, anyone else up there in response to these horrible Assad acts I would feel differently.  Safer.  I have a horrible feeling about this, American Resistance.  Love one another.  Be safe.


While Donald Trump decides what military action to take against Syria for using nerve gas, we all need to continue to take a long look at Russia and not forget their involvement in ALL of this.  I know NATO is doing just that.  Putin cannot be trusted in anyway form or fashion and please forgive me, but I had to laugh out loud when I saw on the news the Russian government stating they had nothing to do with our election and there is no evidence to prove otherwise.  Well, that’s because I’m certain they tied up all their loose ends in fire and death.  But, here in the United States of America, we DO have proof Russia meddled in our election no matter how many loose ends Putin may have tied up.  We as American citizens and as The Resistance must fight that this truth comes to the light of every American and every person in the world.

Steve Bannon has been kicked out, so to speak, of Trump’s security council.  Are we supposed to believe this is legitimate?  As legitimate as our election was?  Sure, he may not have the title anymore, but rest assured American Resistance, Steve Bannon is still a huge part of Trump’s regime.  Perhaps, this was an attempt to increase his sickly 30% approval ratings.  Whatever the reason, it was not for the good of America.  It was for the good of Trump and Steve Bannon is still the shadowy figure behind him, well, besides perhaps Putin.  Steve Bannon wants a Christian Extremist army.  One that pretty much falls in line with everything that Trump has shown us that he too believes in so sorry we aren’t falling for any of it.  White supremacist, Christian extremist regime.  Whether it's about White Nationalist or Global White Nationalism; Bigot oligarchs vs. all bigots.


First, I would like to congratulate all the protesters out there.  You have successfully caused enough strife amongst the Trump Cult population that they want to make new laws against us that do more than violate our freedom of speech.  Some laws even make it legal to run down a protester that is blocking the road.  Now, we can’t have that.  We can’t have any of these proposed laws against protesting as it is our right and we will NOT stop making our voices heard.

It seems Trump almost can’t get anything done as President.  That’s great!  The only things he can do is sign executive orders and try to be as authoritarian as possible.  These orders have done nothing except violate people’s rights.  ALL of them, from the Dakota Access Pipeline, Transgender Bathroom Laws in Schools and now he plans to sign an internet privacy act into law that will divulge everyone’s internet activity at the right price.  I’m a South Park fan and it reminds me of the Denmark internet troll episode.  I saw a Go Fund Me being retweeted on twitter to raise money to see just what’s in Trump’s internet history.  I just might post that on the website.  Now he is rolling back restrictions on coal and destroying our climate even more than it already is.  Something has to be done.

Lest we forget TrumpCare or nothing scheme.  I can’t believe he thought that would fly.  Another authoritarian move on his part.  Oh, but he said he was going to repeal Obama Care within the first hour as President.  Yeah, ok.  Why don’t we just build on it and make it better?  Why don’t we just move forward into universal healthcare for everyone like so many other countries?  That’s right, money can’t line the pockets of those already bought and paid for by the insurance companies and big pharma.  Nixon was the first one to privatize health care, if that tells you anything.

I must give props to a brave doctor whose petition I’ve featured on the page, Dr John Gartner.  His petition was for medical professionals concerned about Trump’s mental health to sign and state their title and reason for signing.  Well, of course, I signed and left a paragraph.  He has been recognized by the media and interviewed by Joshunda Sanders of medium.com.  Here’s the link: 

The petition has over 40,000 signatures.  Thank you Dr Gartner for starting this petition and let us hope that they use the 25th amendment to oust this President so he can get the help he desperately needs and he can leave America and the rest of the world alone.


Well, what can I say?  One major thing to report is if you're in Donald Trump's cabinet in any way, of course, you're in on Russia.  This is the latest from Klan hat hanger, Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.  It was only the fair and correct thing to do to put Sally Yates back in her position after Trump was unconstitutional on his Muslim ban, but of course, she's not on the line with Putin's peeps.  Now old racist fella isn't giving in nicely to the demand from intelligence not to get rid of any Russia material for their investigation.  Why, he says he won't be any part of it.  He already lied about talking to the Russians.  We know he's hiding more than a KKK robe and hat in his closet.  And about not trashing "Russian material...."  They're gonna delete anything linking them to Russia faster than Trump would say Hillary deleted her emails.  I just believe this whole Russia probe is being handled too lightly.  If I were on the Senate I'd be raising hell and high water until Putin, Trump, Bannon and all of them were exposed.  I guess that's what we are all for, people and thank God for whoever that is in the White House dropping those leaks.  Whoever you are, Thank You and keep up the great work!

​I'm going to tell you what else I've seen here in the south.  We were once a state where illegal immigrants could get their driver's licenses so we have a lot of immigrants in the population here or had.  My neighbors were Mexican.  They have totally moved out.  Thank God ICE didn't show up, but they've left.  At my husband's work a ton of immigrants are showing up to get their items out of the shop because they are leaving this country...not the state--the country.  It saddens me so deeply.  There is even a local immigrant owned shop we go to get our spiritual candles and herbs and other things that is closing down.  Look at what he's doing!  At his "speech" the other night he even said, Oh we will take immigrants that will support themselves.  No matter what it says on our STATUE OF LIBERTY.  I know what it's like to be poor and struggling.  These are just human beings just like us whether they can support themselves or not is irrelevant other than the fact that means they need our help even more.  I couldn't disagree with this man more over the way he is handling our immigrant population.  This has to be stopped!

​Talk about "building Hitler's Army..."  The USA has hit a record high spending record on defense, but that's not enough for Trump!  He wants more nuclear weapons.  In his mind, if the other countries of the world are going to have nukes, then by God, America is going to have the best and the most nuclear weapons available known to man.  As much as I like it when John McCain agrees with us I can't help but see his grin when Trump discussed this.  We have to get this nightmare out of office.  I would say before it begins, but it has already begun and we really don't want to see how bad it can get.


Donald Trump shut out the news media from a Press Conference yesterday in Sean Spicer's office, I believe it was.  Not all the media.  Just mainly the ones he believes are "fake news" such as CNN was included.  It literally shocked me to see this violation of the first amendment and the freedom of the press.  It also scared me.  This is being done by the acting President of the United States and it is based on his delusional thought processes and the actions taken were paranoid actions.  This is all done by a sick man in need of psychiatric care. 

It sickened me to see Americans with Russian flags, proudly with the American President's name on them.  This would have never happened in the past.  Never.  The Trump Cult seems quite secure and happy that Putin may have helped him get elected (most likely) as MadDog even acknowledges that Putin has interfered with many Democracy's elections.  They seem quite content as well with all that he is doing and all that he has done.  They must be blind or as mentally ill as he is. 

​From what I understand these flags were handed out by The Resistance as a prank.  This did not stop the Trump Cult from waving them proudly.  Did they know they were Russian flags?  Surely some of them knew.  What is our country coming to?

Muhammad Ali Jr. was detained at the airport after coming back from Jamaica simply because he answered "Yes," to being Muslim.  He is speaking out and is angry as one can imagine he is.  He says his father had to fight for his religion and so now much he.  I respect him so much for this and feel so badly that this has happened to him.

A hatecrime was spared inside a restaurant where a man told an Indian man to get "out of his country," and came back with a gun and killed him.  A bystander tried to chase the man and was shot as well although not lethally.  This is only one lethal hatecrime of a list we have had, but they will continue so long as Trump is at the mast of our country spreading paranoia and hate.  We must remain vigilant and keep resisting and fighting.


Infinite protesting has been happening on a daily basis across the country.  Trumps deportation plan not only lacks normal human empathy and is cruel to split up families, it is reminding people around the world of something they would have seen in Germany during Hitler's time.  I have to speak from my psychiatry point of view and reiterate that this lack of empathy he shows and has shown since the beginning is the most disturbing to me even more than the Narcissistic Personality Disorder signs he shows or the Borderline Personality Disorder signs he shows or Bipolar signs.  Lack of empathy can lead to sociopathic behavior and it is what I am seeing with his Muslim Ban, transgender bathroom ban for schools and deportations.  Nevermind Russia and Flynn.  Of course, Trump knew about it.  Nevermind these new appointees.  He's only got over 600 to go.  With Bannon speaking at CPAC after what Milo pulled and what Bannon said about the deconstruction of our government and the fact he wants Conservative Nationalism...Let's just call it what it is...White Nationalism and he wants a Christian Militia...Let's call that what it is as well...Christian Extremism.  Every white supremacy group has that common thread of Christian Extremism.  They will hate gay people, trans people, non-Christians, etc.  Can you see it happening?  He's trying to get rid of the Muslims, immigrants-non-whites, take rights away from the transsexual kids.  This is only the beginning for him. 

It's been awhile since I've done an update since I've been upgrading the website, but all I can really focus on is this spreading of white supremacy.  In my own area they are talking back and forth in a newspaper ad about beginning to kill all the local Muslims, the KKK is passing out fliers.  We have to do something about this fast.  They are trying to legitamize and normalize.


Unprecedented seems to be the word of choice for this entire election and Presidency so far.  Last night we could hear the judicial debate live on tv.  We found out that Trump’s attorney was a last-minute pick throw in and it certainly sounded that way in the debate over reinstating the Muslim Ban and yes, it is a MUSLIM BAN.  We should find out their decision later in the week, but that doesn’t stop Trump from talking or tweeting for that matter. 

In more news, Senator Warren was literally silenced on the Senate floor by McConnell for reading legendary Martin Luther King’s widow’s letter Coretta Scott King’s letter in stopping Jeff Sessions from becoming Attorney General.  It is sad to me in many ways.  Firstly, a woman was silenced, a legendary woman’s words were silenced and it does not seem to matter if we achieve a different Attorney General after what happened to Sally Yates.  If you disagree with Trump, you become an automatic enemy and you are fired.  I believe she should be reinstated if this Muslim Ban is found unconstitutional which it is.

Trump continues mixing business with the White House firing off at Nordstrom for dropping his daughter, Ivanka’s shoe line.  It’s a business move on their side or maybe political?  I don’t know I’m not Nordstrom, but what I do know is Trump needs to focus on being a President, but I honestly don’t believe he is capable of this as many of you know I wrote the petition for an Involuntary Commitment for a psychological evaluation on Trump.  I stand by that and I appreciate that people are still signing it even though I believe it would have only worked while he was not the President, but I will assume nothing. 

The Yemen Raid was nothing more than a huge mess up.  A Navy Seal died and what’s worse I hear something about Trump and his golf courses?  Someone please tell me this isn’t true.  I know he is hard on about his golf courses in Saudi Arabia, but this would be horrific with children killed, etc. That’s it for now.  More soon.


Many things have occurred over the past week. Judge Robart, a very Republican judge, blocked Trump's Muslim ban. A wonderful victory for the people proving to Trump he isn't quite the totalitarian he hopes to be especially when his order to have the ban reinstated was turned down. This enraged Trump, sending him on a Twitter tantrum attacking Judge Robart in any way he could even to go as far as to say if any terrorism occurs in our country “it’s on him.” Yes, I agree. Highly unprofessional and quite unhinged. There is a court hearing later this evening at 6PM again attempting to reinstate the Muslim Ban.

Today in a tie breaking vote, VP Pence voted Betsy DeVos in as Education Secretary. I honestly thought we might be able to stop that cabinet member especially with Republicans coming forward against her, but we didn’t. It is very disturbing. All of it is really. Trump also signed the order to push through construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline today.  My friends, we have to fight this with all our might.  Please take a look at the Resistance websites pages fighting this and join in the fight. 

Just an interesting note: Bernie Sanders is debating Ted Cruz tonight. My hope is that from this debate arises a call out from Senator Sanders to Trump for a debate of their own.  Bernie has called him out as an authoritarian leader so this may be interesting.


Today is day 13 of our continuing nightmare filled with confirmations such as Putin's good buddy Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. I never in my life thought I would see an oil tycoon in that position. It's more of a diplomatic, highly respectable position, but then again look at what is considered to be our President. Speaking of the orange one, he has repeatedly requested...wrong choice of word...demanded for the GOP to "Go nuclear" with his SCOTUS nominee Gorsuch, a right wing choice placing fear in everyone not of the Trump Cult. Which reminds me please do take a look at Americans United for Separation of Church and State on the Resistance Websites page. Very important! I'm pretty sure there will be a filibuster, but fear the inevitability. Good news on the DeVos front. The GOP may have grown a conscience. Innocent children perhaps? I wonder if the GOP realizes children are also immigrants, refugees, Muslims, uninsured, homeless, hungry. I could go on and on. So we'll see about DeVos.

Meanwhile, prior to Sean Spicer's usual unprofessional news conference, Flynn appears and makes a statement regarding Iran's usual missle launching which was different.

There's some shadiness going down with Russia, Ukraine and America. Russia is going back into the Ukraine and just in time I suppose what with good old Rex and Trump and I'm sure there's more to the story.

That's it for now. Update soon!



I'm currently listening to Sean Spencer rationalize the firing of Sally Yates as well as describe the Muslim Ban as not a Muslim Ban, but "extreme vetting." Trump spoke with the Christian Network reassuring them that if the refugees or people from the banned countries were Christian, they would be allowed in. So there is that. He cannot pull the wool over our eyes so easily. It is obvious discrimination and we are well aware of that. 


Ms. Yates was simply fired for disagreeing with Trump and that, my friends, is a frightening thing when he begins to fire government employees who have differing points of view or refuse to carry out discriminatory policies to protect humanity and America. Sean Spencer is a ridiculous little man to use the word "betrayal" with Sally Yates, however, if we think this word does go along with Trump considering those who disagree with him as an "enemy."


What we do have today are many brave Democrats standing up to him at once and boycotting and doing their best for us to block Jeff Sessions as Attorney General among other nominees of Trump's such as Betsy DeVos. We have to be thankful for that because even though they are outnumbered, we know they carry with them the dignity of truth and righteousness.


Trump was near pissing himself excited about the First Amendment Defense Act. This Executive Order would have made it legal for anyone to deny service to the LGBTQ community based on their religious views. Those views might I add, sound very Christian extremist in nature and beyond discriminatory. Today he decided not to sign the order. My feelings on this? I believe he thinks his hole is just a little deep and this EO can wait. Hey, it's just the 12th day. Also we are most likely not handling all the other BS being fed to us today and that Supreme Court Pick too? Maybe a little much.


Trump plans a horrid show no doubt for us tonight primetime to announce his Supreme Court Pick. Personally, I wish Obama had been able to do this because we are already in bad enough shape. I won't say it can't get any worse because it has only been about 12 days of a Trump illegitimate Presidency.




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